Precious Metal Recycling: How Much Does Silver Nitrate Recovery Cost Per Gram?

Silver nitrate is an inorganic compound, a white crystalline powder. It turns gray-black when it encounters organic matter, and silver is decomposed. In this issue, we will discuss the recycling price of silver nitrate, but first, let’s see where there is silver nitrate waste.
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Where is silver nitrate waste found? Silver nitrate has a wide range of uses, including in photographic emulsions, silver plating, mirror making, printing, medicine, hair dyeing, testing for chloride, bromide, and iodide ions, and also in the electronics industry. Therefore, we can find silver nitrate waste in these industries.

After introducing the uses, let’s talk about the recycling price. The silver content in silver nitrate is generally required to exceed 63.5%. Today’s silver recycling price is $0.76 per gram, based on this price. Given this content and today’s silver price, the estimated reference price for recycling is about $0.48 per gram.

Why do I say it is a reference price? Because our recycling process, from transportation to refining, involves some costs, so the real price will be lower than $0.48 per gram.